Activities and Dining

SVNC offers numerous interest-based Activity and Dining groups.

All activities are for members only, unless specified for couples. The annual Newcomers dues must be current.  Also, if a member fails to attend three activities without communicating the reason (travel, illness, etc.) to the group contact person, the member may be removed from the group and a new member added from the waiting list.

Ideas for new groups are always welcome. Other members might be interested in the idea too! Member should contact either the Activity Chair or Dining Chair with the idea.

More details on these groups are listed below.


There are a variety of activities based on the interests of members. New groups can be established with suggestions and interest from members.

To check availability and to sign up for groups, contact the Newcomer’s Activity Chair.


 Activity Groups


 Women’s “Easy Rider” Biking

This group meets monthly for gentle bike rides around Sonoma Valley, 10-18 miles.


 Women’s Book Groups 

 Day and evening book groups meet monthly in members’ homes to discuss a collectively  selected book .
 Women’s Creative Arts 


 Group members lead monthly activities, organize tours, or provide demonstrations and  hands-on activities in the creative arts.


 Women's Health and Wellness

 Group meets to discuss various facets of personal health and wellness with outside  speakers aspart of the agenda. .


 Women’s Hiking 2-3 Miles 

 Group meets every Tuesday for local hikes. 


 Women’s Mah Jongg for Beginners 

 This group meets for a series of four lessons to learn this ancient game. 

 Women’s Poetry


Group meets monthly at a local pub for wine and lively discussions of poets, dead or alive. 

 Women’s Rovers 

 This group explores unique locations, events, and activities within the Bay Area. Rovers  Team  Committee Members lead these generally half-day excursions 10-12 times each  year.  Average group size is 15-20 per outing. 

 Women's Surviving Remodeling

 This group meets to discuss remodeling projects - lessons learned, sharing contacts, and  sharing resources.


 Women’s Tennis 

 This is a start-up tennis group for fun and fitness. 

  Women’s Walking  


 Walkers meet weekday mornings at the Bear Flag Monument in the Plaza at 8:00 AM for  a  one-hour walk   (No sign-up needed—just show up.)


 Couples & Singles Biking 

 This group meets monthly for 20-25 mile rides around Sonoma Valley and adjacent  areas. 


 Couples & Singles Dancing

 Group leaders select venues, dates, and reserve tables for a night out dancing 


 Couples & Singles Hiking - 5+ Miles

 Members take turns planning monthly hikes in local and North Bay region.


 Couples & Singles Movie Matinee Group

 This group meets at local theaters once a month. After the movie, they gather for coffee  to discuss the movie, like a book group. 


There are several types of dining groups. Some groups meet at local restaurants to share a meal, while others meet in a member's home.  Groups may be a "fixed" set of members or may be "rotating," drawn from a larger pool of members.

Some of the "fixed" groups are full. Those who are interested will be placed on a waiting list and added as openings develop.   Additionally, when there are 6 to 8 members on a waiting list, a volunteer will be sought to start a new group.

For more information OR to add or change a dining group, please email  Dining Chair

Dining Groups


 Women's Dining Out (Dinner)

 A fixed group of 8-10 women meets monthly at a  restaurant chosen by the  “hosting” member.

 Women's Dining In


 A fixed group of women meets monthly at a hosting  member's home and  shares in preparing items from a set  menu. Each group will determine if the  group will meet for  lunch or dinner. 

 Women's Lunch Bunch 

 A fixed group of 8-10 women meets monthly at a  restaurant chosen by the  "hosting" member. 

 Women's Diners and Dives

 A fixed group of 8-10 women meets monthly for a casual  lunch at a venue  chosen by the "hosting" member. 

 Women's Happy Hour   

 An open group meets monthly at local restaurants or pubs  for cocktails and  appetizers. 

 Women's Picnic & Wine Tasting

 A fixed group of 8 to 12 members meets at a winery  chosen by the "hosting"  member.  Each member brings  her lunch or purchases lunch at the winery. 
 Working Women


 A fixed group meets every other month for happy hour or dinner.

Women’s Test Kitchen


 A fixed group, meeting monthly, at a member's home. The  hostess will select  and prepare an appetizer to share  with  members. Members will take turns  as  hostess.

 Women's Weight Watchers Lunch Group

 A fixed group of 6 to12 Newcomers who participate in Weight Watchers  (whether as digital members or meeting members), meets monthly at  restaurants or homes for fun, relaxed, and "low point" lunches.


 Couples and/or Singles Wine  and Food Pairing 


 A fixed group of 8 to 12 members meets at a member’s  home to explore  selected wines and the foods that  complement them.  Some cooking may be  involved.

 Couples and/or Singles Picnic and Wine Tasting


 A fixed group of 8 to 12 members meets at a winery  chosen by the "hosting"  member.  Each member brings  his or her lunch or purchases lunch at the  winery. 

  Couples and/or Singles Diners & Dives


 A fixed group meets monthly for a casual dinner at a  venue chosen by the  “hosting” member. 

 Couples Rotating Dining Out (Dinner)

 Rotating groups, consisting of 3 to 4 couples each, meet  bi-monthly on an  agreed-upon date for dinner at a  restaurant chosen by the “hosting” couple.  The “hosting”  couple invites the others to their home for cocktails and  appetizers before heading off to the restaurant.  Members  take turns hosting.  Schedules are created twice year, in  February and again in August. 

 Couples Rotating Dining In


 Rotating groups, consisting of 3 couples each, meet every  three months on  an agreed-upon date in the hosting  couple’s home.  The hosting couple  creates a theme for  the event and decides if it is to be a dinner, a lunch, or a  brunch.  The hosting couple prepares the entrée, and the  other couples bring  a bottle of wine and a side dish to  complement the entrée. Members take  turns hosting.  Schedules are created each quarter. 

 Couples Weekend Mixer

 A few Sundays per year, rotating groups of couples meet  at different homes  for beverages and appetizers. 

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