We offer Social and Dining activities, organized into small groups so that members can more easily meet other members who share like interests. Some groups may be full, but new groups are formed regularly. While awaiting for another small group to be formed, you may be able to participate as a substitute in an established group. The group leader will let you know how this works if it's applicable to the group. 

All activities are for Newcomers members only except where designated as a "couples" activity or when the group indicates that guests are welcome.

We also have a newly formed Working Women Group that plans to meet monthly for those who work full and part-time and unable to make the Social and Dining activities meeting during the day. These women will also have the opportunity to meet up in smaller groups for like interests.

Members are also encouraged to come up with new group ideas...there may be other members that will be interested in the idea too!  Member contacts either the appropriate Social Activity or Dining Chair to present the idea for consideration.

More details on the these groups are listed below.


There are a variety of social activity groups based on interests of our members. New activity groups can be established with suggestions and interest from members.

For more info OR to add or change an activity group, please email our Activity Chair Fran Pooley:

Social Activity Groups




Monthly 20-25 mile rides around Sonoma Valley and adjacent areas

 Couples &  Singles

 Book Groups

Day and Evening book groups meet monthly in members’ homes to discuss a collectively selected book

 Women Only

 Creative Arts

Group members lead activities, organize tours or provide demonstrations for creative arts activities monthly

 Women Only


The group leader selects venues, dates, and reserves tables for a night out dancing

 Couples &



Outings to garden/gardening locations during the season (Information posted in the newsletter. RSVPs are first-come, first-served)

 Women Only

 Hiking 5+ Miles

Members take turns planning hikes in local and North Bay region monthly

 Couples &  Singles

 Hiking 2-3 Miles

Group meets every Tuesday for local hikes

 Women Only

 Mah Jongg for Beginners

A series  of 4 lessons for beginners to learn this ancient game.

 Women Only

 Movie Matinee Group

Meet at local theaters once a month. After the movie, gather for coffee to discuss the movie, like a book group.  Couples & Singles
 Plein Air Painting
Meet on scheduled Fridays for 2-3 hours to paint outdoors at various locations. Participants must have their own equipment, some experience painting outdoors and willingness to participate in critiques and support one another’s progress.  Women Only


Group meets monthly at a local pub for wine and lively discussion of poets , dead or alive.

 Women Only


Explores unique locations, events, activities within the Bay Area. These\ generally half-day experiences are led 10-12 times each year by a Rovers Team Committee Member.  Average group size is 15-20 per outing.

 Women Only

 Tennis Start up Tennis. Play and have fun with this new group!  Women Only


Walkers meet weekday mornings at Bear Flag Monument in the Plaza at 8:00 AM for a one-hour walk  

(No sign-up needed)

 Women Only


There are several types of Dining groups. Some meet at local restaurants to share a meal, while others meet in a member's home.  Groups may be a "fixed" set of members or may be "rotating," drawn from a larger pool of members.

When full fixed groups have openings, new members can be added. Alternatively, when there are 6 to 8 members on a waiting list, a contact person will be sought to volunteer to get a new group started.  Some of the groups create a new schedule twice a year, July and December.  Interested members will be placed on a waiting list until the new schedule is created so let our Dining chair know which group, or groups, you want to join!

Note All groups and activities are for Newcomers members only unless specified for couples. The annual Newcomers dues must be current.  Also, if a Newcomer member fails to attend three meetings/activities without a legitimate reason communicated to the group contact person (travel, illness, etc.) the member can be eliminated from the group and a new member added from the waiting list.

For more info OR to add or change a dining group, please email our Dining Chair, A. Stephanie Brown:

Dining Activity Groups



 Women's Dinner          Dining Out

A fixed group of 8-10 women meet monthly at a restaurant chosen by the "hosting" member for dinner.

 Women Only -


 Women's Fixed Lunch      Bunch

A fixed group of 8-10 women meet monthly at a restaurant chosen by the "hosting" member for lunch.

 Women Only -  


 Women's Dining In

A fixed group of women meeting monthly or bi-monthly at the "hosting" member's home and share in preparing items from a set menu. Each group will determine if the group will meet for lunch or dinner. 

 Women Only -  


 Women's Rotating Lunch  Bunch

A large pool of Newcomer women from which groups of   8-10 members are scheduled to meet for lunch at a local restaurant every other month.  The groups are rotated so members have an opportunity to meet new people.

 Women Only -  


 Couples Rotating  Restaurant Dinner

Groups of 6 to 8, consisting of 3 to 4 couples each meet bi-monthly for dinner at a restaurant chosen by the "hosting couple." The hosting couple extends an invitation to the other couples in the group and hosts a cocktail hour at her home before going to the restaurant.  Rotation schedules are created in July and December.

 Couples and  Singles –  Rotating

 Couples & Singles        Wine and Food Pairing

A fixed group of 8 to 12 members meet at a host's home to explore selected wines and the foods that compliment them.  Some cooking may be involved.

 Couples and  Singles –  Fixed

 Couples Rotating Dining In

Groups of 6 to 8 consisting of 3 to 4 couples meet quarterly in a "hosting" member's home.  The host coordinates a mutually acceptable date and type of meal (brunch or dinner), a possible theme and menu and prepares the main course.The other couples bring side dishes and everybody brings a beverage of choice. Rotation schedules are created January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.

 Couples -


 Diners & Dives

Singles or couples meet at local diners or pubs for drinks and appetizers. A hostess will choose the location each month. Evening or Lunch.

 Couples and/or Singles

 Women's Happy Hour    Sonoma An open group of singles meet monthly at local restaurants for Happy Hour cocktails and appetizers.  A great group for those waiting to get into dining groups.  Women only -  Open

 Couples Weekend Mixer A few Sundays per year, small groups of couples meet at different homes for beverages and appetizers.  Couples 

 Couples and/or Singles  Picnic and Wine Tasting A fixed group of 8 to 12 members who meet at a winery chosen by the "hosting" member.  Each member brings their own lunch or purchases lunch at the winery.   Couples & Singles -  Fixed

 Women’s Test Kitchen Once per month, hostess will select and prepare an appetizer to share with members. Members will take turns as hostess.  Women only -


 Working Women
Every other month we get together for a casual happy hour or dinner. Flexibility is the name of the game for us as our job sometimes interferes with our best laid plans. We also have a list-serve (group email) that allows anyone on the list to reach out for near last-minute invitations for a hike, movie, or event.
Email Ann Seaton ( if you'd like to be added to the list-serve.
 Women Only
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