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Let's Go To The Movies - The Theater Is In Your Home

While we’re spending many hours, days, and weeks at home, some of our newcomers have suggested films/series to divert our attention from the virus, politics and the economy.  The list below ranges from comedy, drama, mysteries, political intrigue, etc. Check back for any new listings on 4/20, 5/4, or 5/18.

April 20, 2020

 Recommender Title of Film or Series Genre Location Comments
 Ardyth Brook Molly's Game Drama Netflix Movie
  Night on Earth Documentary Netflix Series
  Unorthodox Drama Netflix Series
  The English Game Drama Netflix Series
  Dolly Parton's  Heartstrings Drama Netflix Series
  Holidays in the Wils Romance Netflix Movie
  Inside Bill's Brain Documentary Netflix Series
  The Spy Mystery Netflix 
  The Patriot Act News/Comedy Netflix 
  The Imposters Mystery Netflix 
  Tales of the City Drama Netflix 
  Call of the Midwife Drama Netflix 
  One Strange Rock Documentary Netflix 
  The Boy Who Harnessed  the Wind True Story Netflix 
  Versailles Historical Netflix 
  Salt Fat, Acid Hat Food Netflix 
  Halt & Catch Fire Drama/History Netflix 
  Ms Fsher's Murder  Mysteries Mystery Netflix 
  Turn Washingtons Spies Historical Netflix 
  Longmire Drama Netflix 
  Lie to Me Psychodrama Netflix 
  Parenthood Family Netflix 
  Beecham House Drama Amazon Prime Series
  Jamestown Drama Amazon Prime Series
  World on Fire Drama Amazon Prime Series
  Fayles' War Drama Amazon Prime Series
  Mr. Selfridge Drama Amazon Prime Series
  Durell's in Corfu True story Amazon Prime Series
  Billions Drama Amazon Prime Series
  Some(I,II,III) Documentary Amazon Prime Series
 Margo Ginsburg Vahalla Mutders Icelandic Cetective Netflix Series
  Night Managers Mystery HBO Series
  CurbYour Enthusiasm Comedy HBO Series
  Tunnel English Detective  
 Netflix Series
  Rita Drama/Comedy Netflix Series
  Broadchurch English Detective  
 Netflix Series
  Bloodline Family Drama 
 Netflix Series
  The Crown British Historical Netflix Series
  Lilyhammer Norwegian Comedy Netflix Series
  Unbelievable Detective Netflix Series
  Good Karma Hospital Medical Theme/Humor Amazon Prime Series
  Safe Detective Netflix Series
  Marcella British Detective Netflix Series
 Sara Radke &  Melissa Matson   Craft in America Artistically oriented PBS Series

April 1, 2020

Reccomender Title of Film or Series Genre Location Comments
Margo Ginsburg  Spiral  French Detective  Amazon Prime  Series
   Successin  Family Intrigue  HBO  Series
   Last Tango in Halifax  Family Drama  Netflix  Series
   A Very English Scandal  Political British Intrigue  Amazon Prime  Series
   Chernobyl  Politcal Russian Documentary  HBO  Series
   Occupied  Political Norwegian Intrigue  Netflix  Series
   Lilyhammer  Norwegian Comedy  Netflix  Series
   The Inspector Calls
Drama/Thriller   Amazon Prime  This was a favorite of many  who saw it
   Unorthodox  Coming of age/drama part thriller  Netflix  4 part series, Inspired by  a true story
 Elaine Burke  The Farewell
 Amazon Prime   
   Book Club    Amazon Prime 
   Danny Collins    Amazon Prime 
   The Hundred Foot Journey    Netflix  
   The Boy Who Harnessed  the Wind    Netflix  
   20 Feet from Stardom    Netflix  
 Leslie Kraynak  The Notorious RBG  Documentary  Hulu  Excellent
 Christina Albrow  Happy Valley  British Crime  Netflix  Series
   The Stranger  Mystery Thriller  Netflix  Series
   Safe  BritishbCrime  Netflix  Series
 Janet Engelbrecht
 The Goldfinch  Drama/Mystery  Amazon Prime  
   The First Wives Club  Drama/Comedy  Amazon Prime  Great cast
   Wanted  Mystery/Thriller    3 seasons- highly entertaining
   Grace and Frankie  Comedy/Drama  Netflix  Addictive
   The Kominsky Method  Comedy/Drama  Netflix  
   Absolutely Fabulous  British Comedy  Amazon Prime  Hilarios, multiple episodes
 Marci Husebye  Life is Beautiful  Italian Drama/Comedy  Netflix  
   Antonia's Line  Dutch Comedy/Drama  Netflix  
   Man on Wire  Documentary  Netflix  
   Belle  Drama  Netflix  Gorgeous period film
 Marcie Bowerman  The Crown  Historical Drama/semi-documentary  Netflix 
 All seasons
 Marilyn Doss  Houseboat (1958)  Comedy  Netflix & Starz
Directed by our own Lynn Joiner's father
 Pat Senner  Knives Out  Mystery   YouTube  Great acting, super film
 Sherril Horvitz  Hand Made  Drama  Netflix 
 Janis Orner  All American  Based on a True Story  Netflix 
 Series with football as backdrop
 Shelley Sorani  Contagion  Drama  Netflix  Made in 2011.  It's spot on today
 Lee Wanetik  It's Complicated  Romantic Comedy  Netflix 
 An oldie but goodie
 Jaquelin Tomke  Logmire  Mystery/Suspense  Netflix 
 6 seasons should outlast our hose arrest
 Christina Garrity  The Kingmaker  Documentary about Imelda Marcos  Showtime  Free until 4/20 w/ Xfinity
   McMillions  Documentary about monopoly fraud  Disney+  Also Xfinity on demand
   Frozen & Frozen II  Animated children's   Disney+  
   Coco  Animated children's     
   Comedians in Cars Getting  Coffee  Celebrity informal Chat Series - Jerry  Seinfield  Netflix  
   Cheers  Comedy  Netflix  
   Great British Baking Show  Contestants/Cook-off  Netflix  
   Homeland  American spy thriller  Netflix  
   Danny Collins  Comedy/Drama - inspired by true story of Steve Tilston  Amazon  Prime  Has a lot of John Lennon music
 Alane Woehle 
 Portrait of a Lady on Fire 
 Period  Film   
 Beautiful, perfect cinema,  subtitles

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